24″w x 36″h Metal Eco Infoboard With 1 Tier Black

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$ 104.99

The use of this Slide-In info board is fairly easy and it is Double-Sided. You can load 2 signs back to back, visible on both sides. To load or change a graphic, Remove the backing with the anti-glare PETs. Position the poster between the backing and the PETs, slide the backing in. It allows a clear view of the print, poster and protects the artwork from dust and direct light.
Suitable for indoor use. It is made of the finest materials while providing the highest level of quality. It has a sturdy cast iron profile with an anti-corrosive coating. The coating protects the frame from dust and light scratches.
Having a stylish and simple appearance, large and eye-catching visual size, is the best information display stand for star hotels, restaurants, exhibitions, and other places. It suits every decoration in offices, restaurants, cafes, boutiques, bookstores, bakeries, and many more. You can effortlessly display your poster, advertisement, and even your menu at your business.

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