Want to grow your garden department signage program?

Your garden department needs the professional touch of in-store marketing as much as any other department in your store.  Your customers need to be kept in touch with what’s new and what’s currently being promoted.

Summer is rapidly approaching so it’s probable you want to grow your garden department signage program, inviting your customers to spruce up their yards and plant beds.  We have some great ideas about how you can do that effectively.

Your products must be seen.

If you’re embarking on a marketing project for your garden department, the first thing you need to consider is how consumers encounter it.  People want to know that what’s inside is high quality, so you your products must be seen.

Tucking the garden department off in the corner is a mistake, especially during the high growing season.  Now’s the time to place it front and center.  An arrangement that allows people to see directly inside the garden department is most desirable.

Glass evokes the aesthetic of a greenhouse, which symbolically boosts credibility by adding context to your product’s setting.  People who spend their spare time digging in the dirt are serious about gardening, so ensuring that your garden department is presented in a thoughtful way is important.

Trends to market.

Signage for your garden department should be focusing on current trends in outdoor living and gardens.  Recent years have seen a profound spike in consumer interest in gardening of all kinds.  From growing hops to brew beer, to establishing a vegetable garden, people everywhere are ready to get their hands dirty.  And that’s an opportunity to grow your garden department signage program.
Create an area dedicated to this new breed of gardener, focused on sustainability and self-sufficiency.  Signage which is evocative of their interests, featuring lush raised bed gardens, news of promotions and even workshops about growing at home, are all ideas which can support the creation of an effective signage program.

POP marketing with DisplaysMarket.com.

You should be aware that almost of 50% of households chose garden departments which were part of a larger store, as their source for gardening needs.  You’re looking at a sizable share of a market that’s buying over $300 million a year in the sector.

Choosing Displaysmarket.com as your source for point of purchase marketing gives you access to a world of leading edge signage.  When you want to grow your garden department signage program, we’re the POP marketing leaders, since 1993.  Our marketing supports cover all your needs, in every corner of your outlet.

From eye-catching LED signs that light up your garden department POP, to banner stands to display your brand message with pride, Displaysmarket.com is an in-store marketing leader.

If you want to grow your garden department signage program, we hope the tips in this post have been helpful.  When you’re ready to move, contact us.  Our wide range of products, available at our one-stop online shop, provide your store with professionalism, clarity and brand consistency to create a compelling customer experience.

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