10 tips to set your sales floor to sell

A well-designed store invites customers to come in and explore.  Layout and sales are intimately related, so this post offers 10 tips to set your sales floor to “sell” that have the potential to transform your sales outlook.

1. Integrated appearance.
When customers come in, an integrated appearance isn’t something they should consciously be aware of.  But when it’s there, it sets the scene for a pleasant shopping experience.  A central color theme which integrates with fixtures and signage signals an enjoyable customer journey.

2. Branded signage.
If your brand demands hand lettering, then all your signs should be hand lettered.  Otherwise, choose a clean, sans serif font in a pitch of no less that 30 points.  Everyone who visits your store should be able to easily read your professionally produced signs.

3. Configuration.
The most common store configuration is the grid, with aisles running from one end of the store to the other.  The free flow layout, which allows for greater creativity, has no aisles.  Instead, product is arranged in “vignettes” which depict them in lifestyle settings, drawing customers to the interest they represent.

4. Fixtures.
Your store fixtures should never be more noticeable than the product they’re being used to display.  Choose attractive but unobtrusive fixtures which don’t obstruct traffic and which showcase your products attractively, in a brand-appropriate way.

5. Power wall.
Consumers tend to turn right when they enter a store.  This tendency has made the wall just to the right of the entrance the commercial “power wall”.  This is where you create brand perception with items you wish to highlight and move.

6. Color blocking.
When displaying an item or items of varying colors, always arrange them from light to dark, moving left to right.  This is what consumers expect to see.  Because this style of visual merchandising is immediately recognizable, it also helps you sell.

7. Variety.
Shelving in your store should be in a variety of heights.  This allows the consumer to see more of your products and allows you to effectively manage your floor space.  It also breaks up the monotony of shelving which may be oppressive, or even claustrophobic.

8. The Soviet effect.
Unstocked shelves symbolize want and neglect.  Keep your shelves stocked.  If you’re out of a product, fill the space with something similar.  Empty shelves are the “Soviet effect” – one of the most undesirable things you can allow to happen to your store.

9. Cross-merchandising.
Displaying items with complementary products creates suggestions for your customers.  When they see products displayed together, they often respond by buying both items.  Do this well and your sales will increase dramatically.

10. In their shoes.
One of the most compelling of the 10 tips to set your sales floor to “sell” is the walk through.  As the proprietor, you need to walk in your customers’ shoes.  Regular walk throughs can help you gain insight and keep your sales floor set to “sell”.

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