5 Simple and Unique Ways to Utilize Snap Frames in Your Boutique

Snap Frame Sizes

Display marketing is a great way to spread your business’ image to all of your customers as well as passersby. The use of beautiful displays makes your boutique more pleasant to be in, and it reinforces your brand as your customers shop. Here are five clothing store display ideas to make your boutique’s decor richer, more inviting and to keep it on-brand.

Decorate With Posters

Having large, colorful posters in your boutique sets the mood for elegance and beauty. This builds up your boutique as the place to go to for items that make your customers feel beautiful. Using poster showboards allows you to frame these posters in an aesthetically pleasing way and to hang them both inside and outside your boutique. Customers will be drawn in by the images they see on outside walls. Inside, you’ll set the tone for the day. Remember that every inch of your store is important, so make all of it count.

Frame Signs for Atmosphere

In your boutique, it’s the little details that matter. Don’t just sit a sign on the counter for customers to read. Frame it so that even your signs are wrapped in the elegance that you sell in your shop. With these snap picture frames, every corner of your store is an area to enjoy by your customers. And, the overall look of your store is always important to your current and potential customers.

A Double-Sided Display Advertisement

Boutiques that have plenty of interesting displays to see can expect to attract more attention. With a double-sided display, you can add twice as much to your display marketing areas. These double sided snap frames can be hung in the windows of your boutique so that you have double the display in one compact area. You can provide a different image for people indoors and another for those outside, providing a more memorable display. These frames also provide a great way to create displays where you don’t have wall space for mounting frames.

Create Compact Displays of Your Clothing

Every boutique has plenty of lovely clothing to offer customers, but many stores don’t have a lot of floor space. When it comes to the existing square footage indoors, would you rather devote that to your merchandise for sale or use the space for mannequins? Being able to display your clothing in a pleasing way can drive sales, but mannequins take up an enormous amount of space that could better be devoted to clothing. That’s where using snap frames to display photos of your clothing can solve this problem.

Communicate With Your Customers

Are you having a sale? Did you get new inventory stocked? Will you be expanding your boutique? Any of these exciting changes are important to communicate with customers, but putting up tacky, temporary signs can ruin the design of your store. Instead, using snap frames to hold these announcements in frames that keep up the upscale tone of your store. It’s easy to put a few of these announcements into frames and then take them out and hang them as needed. The durability of the snap frame means you will be able to use them again and again for years to come.

To get the most from your displays and customer communications:

  • Use posters to add to the tone you’ve set for your store.

  • Frame the small signs you’d put on and near the checkout point.

  • Use double-sided display marketing to add images to difficult spaces.

  • Frame and hang photos of your clothing being worn instead of taking up space with mannequins.

  • Communicate news to your customers with elegant, frames signs on the walls instead of cheap, handmade signs that quickly look worn.

With display frames from Display Market, you can create the atmosphere you need in your boutique to keep your customers coming back. Go above and beyond the competition by using pleasing framing to set your store apart. Shop Displays Market for all of your display marketing need!

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