The 4 design elements shoppers value in retail stores

What’s the first thing you notice when you enter a store?  When you think about it, some of what you see is almost subconscious.  You’re aware of it, but it’s not at the front of your mind.  Perhaps you can’t name it, but you know you either like it, or you don’t.

Design elements are more important to shoppers than they may believe.  But the fact is, they set the tone for the shopping experience, creating an atmosphere which either brings them back or compels them to pass you by.

This post will reveal the 4 design elements shoppers value in retail stores.

1. A branded experience

Effective branding tells your customers a story about who you are and what you sell.  It sets the tone for their shopping experience from the moment they walk into your store.
Signage and graphics which are brand-supportive instigate a connection between your customer and your store.

People remember how those design elements made them feel and if they felt comfortable (even happy), they’ll want to return to experience that feeling again.  Your brand identity matters to shoppers.

2. See. Speak. Do

Your graphics and signage don’t work in a vacuum.  They’re part of something bigger.  Your brand message speaks through them, but it’s supported by your products, the environment offered by your store and the behavior of your sales staff.

These are the 3 communications channels through which your brand speaks and when they’re all in alignment, the customer responds with brand loyalty; which translates into sales. They want the familiarity of your brand to be expressed on each of these 3 communication channels.

3. Autonomy and interaction

Offering shoppers interactive displays where they experience your product creates the sensation of shopper autonomy – they’re in the driver’s seat.

Allowing your customers to try your products at displays inviting them to do so builds the relationship and encourages the type of impulse purchases which support your store’s ongoing health.  Well designed POP displays of this nature encourage customers to stay a little longer to enjoy a unique experience.

4. Aesthetics

Every area of your store should be visually pleasing.  Look around.  Does something in your outlet need a facelift?  Creating a branded experience in your store can be as simple as a coat of paint or temporary signage.

The effect you’re going for is freshness, brand cohesion, and customer comfort.  By employing the 4 design elements valued by shoppers, you’re creating a customer experience that continually reaches out to loyal and new customer alike, making your outlet a shopping destination and a premium consumer experience.

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