How to Get the Most out of Your Enclosed Cork Board

How to Get the Most out of Your Enclosed Cork Board

The bulletin board has been a staple in offices for decades now, you can’t discount the importance of an office bulletin board. An enclosed bulletin board is a useful tool that can be used to communicate important information to employees. The problem is that most employees overlook bulletin boards. They simply walk right past them without noticing the information. So, how can you get your workers to notice important information that you post? Here are some ideas for making your bulletin board stand out.

Make Sure the Purpose Is Clear

If your bulletin board has random things on it, your employees won’t pay much attention.

So, choose a purpose for your board and use it for that specific purpose. For instance, you can use a bulletin board for:

  • Safety information

  • Attendance policies

  • Employee morale

  • Vacation notices

If you want to display several different categories of information, then use separate bulletin boards for each category. This will help keep information organized and neat.

Put It in the Right Spot

Make sure that your cork board is highly visible. If you put it in an area that employees don’t access very often, it will not be useful. Ensure that all of your employees know where it is located and can find it easily.

Choose the Right Board

It is best to choose a cork bulletin board as this will allow you to easily post new things as needed. Also, an enclosed board is best so that employees cannot tamper with it. Many enclosed bulletin boards feature locks, which is ideal for keeping information secure.

Make It Interesting

If you want employees to pay attention to your bulletin board, it must be interesting and engaging. Otherwise, they will just walk right by it. Here are some ideas for making it stand out:

  • Use a monthly theme – monthly themes are fun ways to get employees to notice your board. In March, you could use a St. Patrick’s Day theme or May could be a Mother’s Day theme.

  • Make it fun – Post funny sayings or ideas on the board. Make your employees smile as the read it. This will surely brighten their day.

  • Highlight company initiatives or challenges – For instance, if your company has a wellness challenge, use an enclosed cork board to provide information about the challenge.

Help Your Employees

Post helpful information for your employees. For instance, if your office is located in a busy city and employees often have a long commute, allow employees to post advertisements for carpooling.

Think Positive

If you foster a positive work culture, it can lead to happier, more productive employees. According to Harvard Business Review, a positive work culture leads to increased productivity. Therefore, use your bulletin board to celebrate and encourage your employees. Identify your company and employees’ successes. reports that employee recognition increases employee happiness significantly. Employees that are happier and more productive and engaged.

Every office should have an enclosed cork board. They can be used to communicate important information with employees. Some tips for using cork boards include:

  • Make the purpose clear

  • Choose a highly visible spot

  • Make the information helpful to employees

  • Recognize employee successes

  • Use a durable, enclosed cork board

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