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A Smile Definitely Matters!

Floor Sign Stand

When my husband and I are at a new place and we don’t know where to eat, we just walk around and check the menu on the floor sign holder in front of the restaurants for the prices and options. It saves lots of time and energy and you can have an idea of what you are going to eat and how much you are going to pay.

We were at a holiday resort this time and there were lots of pizza and fish places. We were both feeling more like having “fish” that day but this little Italian pizzeria looked very inviting, and all of a sudden we found ourselves standing in front of the place.

There was a smiling lady standing right by the floor sign holding the menu. She welcomed us with a warm voice, told us something about enjoying our holiday and started to explain their specials on the menu. The way she talked reminded me of my childhood, it was like my sweet grandmother telling me bedtime stories.

So without being able to resist, we found ourselves sitting at a table with big smiles on our faces. Inside, it was very crowded and they guided us toward a table at the gateway to the kitchen.

The lady said that they would host us at their best table.. The very same lady came to take our orders. We were, as if we were hypnotized, we left the decision to her. We were sure that she would bring the best for us.

While we were waiting for our meal to come, she brought olive oil with some herbs and bread as an appetizer. She also brought some homemade wine as an excuse for our table with a heavy traffic in and out of the kitchen! Oh, all tasted delicious.

Then I realized a frame poster stand that didn’t suit a restaurant’s environment. But then I saw what was written on it: “Use your smile to change this world. But don’t let this world change your smile”. It fit very well to the vibe of the place. So it was their motto.

I looked at other people’s faces. All were smiling; from the staff to the guests. Everybody! No wonder “smiling” was contagious. My husband should be thinking the same way, we just looked each other in the eyes and smiled. No need for words.

Should we say we paid a visit every day to that pizzeria during our holiday? Even if we were not hungry we just nurtured our souls. After all, a smile is worth much and costs little! Try it, you will see what a “smile” can do.


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