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Effective summer 2017 sales displays for retail stores

Summer is upon us.  The long, languid days propel city people to distant seashores and cabins in the mountains.  Many head to woodland lakes to spend their vacations communing with nature.  For retailers, summer is a marketing challenge.  With all these people going on vacation, how to keep customers still in town interested?

Effective summer 2017 sales displays for retail stores incorporate the emotions we encounter during this beloved season.  Lake, sea, sun, campfires and a slower pace of living are all summer features retailers can use to market their products during the season.  Drawing on popular associations for your displays is a great way to grab and maintain consumer attention.

People love summer, so appealing to that emotional connection is key to effective summer 2017 sales displays for retail stores.

Emotional appeal.

Truly memorable sales displays for retail stores appeal to consumer emotions.  They evoke pleasant summer memories and the desire to enjoy the season to the fullest.

Bringing those cherished memories and desires to your window and sales floor displays is a creative endeavor, demanding that retailers draw on their own summer experiences.

Displays featuring boating themes are especially popular.  Life preservers, boat rigging and even false bows can be used to create the effect of boating on a lake, or sailing on the sea.
Think in terms of creating an idea of the activity you’re depicting.  Incorporate a shining yellow sun and blue water, using simple supplies like poster board and crepe paper.

Context and humor.

Window displays using summer themes should be highlighting products directly linked to the season, whether you’re selling clothing, or electronics.  The seasonal clothing connection is obvious, but for electronics retailers, the challenge is to find a thematic way of incorporating the items you’re featuring into the context of summer fun.

Create a beach with sand and shells.  Your electronic items might be sporting sunglasses, or lounging on deck chairs.  Humor is always a great way to connect with your customers, but for summer marketing, it’s even more effective.

Consumers are feeling optimistic under the summer sun.  They’re in the mood to respond to displays which appeal directly to their funny bones, so don’t miss the opportunity.

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