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Top brick and mortar retail trends of 2017

With the rise of online shopping, brick and mortar retailers are challenged to respond to a shifting consumer landscape.  To date, many have opted for “omni-channel solutions” (combining physical plants with online sales outlets and enhanced access to encompass mobile device users).  This approach has had mixed results, but has been very successful for some brands.

Change is a challenge brick and mortar retailers are called to respond to and there are some key ways to do that.  Let’s review the top brick and mortar retail trends of 2017 (so far).


The showroom model is cropping up for large scale brands all over the USA.  While it may seem an unworkable model for smaller scaler stores, some of its features are highly adaptable.  Key to incorporating elements of the showroom model is consumer experience.

Showrooms offer limited inventory which is unique to a brand.  Whether it’s electronics or car accessories, this retail model puts items in the spotlight that no one else has.  Key to adapting this aspect of showrooms is the uniqueness of the item you wish to feature.

It’s important that your shoppers be treated to an experience.  Encouraging them to become “preferred customers” and inviting them to book appointments to experience the item you’re featuring (either in a small group, or solo) offers them something they can’t get elsewhere.  The VIP treatment is what most consumers desire and that’s foundational to the showroom model.

Pop ups.

This growing retail trend is driven by retailer need to reach outside their physical plant to find their target customers.  The significantly reduced cost of this form of retail outreach is attractive.  But it’s the immediacy that makes pop ups special.  They’re limited time offers in physical form.

Offering your premium product in a pop up store is the beginning of creating an experience the consumer can’t have elsewhere.  Again, this trend is driven by the experience economy so desired by consumers right now.

Pop ups are about urgency and can generate significant word of mouth because of that quality.  Consumers will share news of your pop up readily, especially if the product or products you’re featuring are well-presented and accompanied by an immersive consumer experience.

Pop ups offer shoppers a sense of privilege and being “in the know”, about something that doesn’t happen every day.


A key trend to pay attention to is differentiation.  As seen above, people want something singular.

Women’s and teen’s apparel have been hit hard by a market saturated with products which are so similar from store to store, they’re indistinguishable.  Nobody wants what they can find just about anywhere else, so your brand’s success is in its resolute uniqueness.

Shoppers want to walk away with something which prompts others to ask, “Where did you buy that?”.  Differentiation is what distinguishes your brand and compels consumers to seek you out.
The top trends for brick and mortar retailers in 2017 (so far) call on retailers to stand out.  Contact for premium POP supports that help make it happen.

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