Tips brick and mortar retailers can use to personalize the in-store experience

The difference between a good retail outlet and a great one is personalization.  Everyone wants to feel special, valued and important.  That’s also true of your customers.  When they come to your store, they need to know they matter.

When asked if they’d pay more for a personalized in-store experience, almost 90% of consumers said they would do so happily.  An important reality driving this sentiment is what consumers experience when shopping online.  The online shopping experience has become highly personalized.  To compete, brick and mortar retailers need to follow suit by adding value to the 3D consumer experience.

Let’s review some tips brick and mortar retailers can use to personalize the in-store experience.

Your floor staff – on the personalization front lines.

There’s no substitute for a quality brick and mortar retail experience. Over 90% of consumers still prefer brick and mortar shopping which includes high-value, personal interactions with real world floor staff.
The human element is what gives you an edge.  That’s why your floor staff is your greatest asset.  Invest in training your staff to interact with customers on a highly-personalized level and see a significant increase in sales.

Because your floor staff is on the front lines, they’re where personalization happens.  There’s nothing like interacting with another person who knows you, understands your needs and is willing to help.

Getting to know you.

Being there is the best way to get to know your customers.  You need your floor staff on the front lines, but when the owner’s present, customers respond.  Politicians who connect directly with individual voters are more likely to get their votes.

Customer surveys are an effective way to glean information about your shoppers and get to know them.  But a high-value newsletter which includes brief surveys, news about products and promotions and sales events is even better.  Send it out via email with personal notes, reading something like: “Hi, (name)!  Because you’re a loyal customer, I wanted you to be one of the first to hear about (fill in the blank).

Get personal, but not too personal.

Yes, there is such a thing as getting too personal.  Even so, 90% of consumers are willing to provide their information to enjoy increased personalization at their retailers of choice.  It’s a calculated risk, especially when they become “preferred customers” as a result.

Advise your customers that their information won’t be sold to third parties. This is a best practice.  Honoring your promise establishes mutual trust.

Offer rewards.

This last tip is a big one.  More than 3/4s of consumers are part of at least one loyalty program.  They’ll even pay more with you, before buying the same item at a lower price from a competitor, once they sign on.
Loyalty programs help you gather customer information to gain a better understanding of what they want to buy, which further personalizes their experience.

These are some tips brick and mortar retailers can use to personalize the in-store experience.  For quality POP supports, contact to discover leading edge in-store marketing strategies.

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