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The Innovative Way to Protect Your Outdoor Display Marketing for Year

The Innovative Way to Protect Your Outdoor Display Marketing for Year

Your outdoor marketing display is one of the most powerful marketing items you have in your arsenal. However, seasons change. And with those changing seasons comes weather that can destroy that display. What good is an amazing display if no one can tell what it is? Don’t let the weather destroy something you’ve worked hard to create. Instead, protect your display to keep it looking great and attracting customers all year round.

How to Use Outdoor Display Marketing

Advertising outdoors is a great way for local businesses to build their brand. If you have a sign outdoors that lets customers know what you have to sell, that’s a great start.

Use few words on these displays, but make it visually interesting. Short, witty phrases help in brand building, and they are more likely to be read than long, rambling ads. Use an image or two along with a few phrases and a website URL to get across your merchandise, your brand identity and where customers can learn more about your business. Whatever the words you choose are, they should be something that a passerby can easily read in just a few seconds. In most cases, seconds are all the time someone outdoors has to read it. In other words, keep it simple. Leave your more complicated advertising for your website and other media outlets.

Protect Your Outdoor Display

Imagine seeing a business with an outdoor marketing display that is in terrible condition. it’s been battered by the elements, and it’s difficult to read it. What would be your conclusion? Most people would see this as evidence that the business doesn’t care much about its image or its customers. Maybe the business is even closed. No business owner wants its potential customers to draw those conclusions based on worn-out displays.

When your marketing display is worded in the way that will attract attention quickly to convey information effectively, it’s time to protect it. Changing seasons will bring rain, sleet, snow, wind, and humidity to your advertising. Before seasons change, make sure that all of your displays are well protected in weatherproof frames.

A weatherproof frame will keep your advertising messages and images in great condition so that they can be read no matter what the weather is like. With a weatherproof photo frame, your business can keep its advertising looking professional at all times instead of neglected, unprofessional and possibly abandoned. A sharp-looking advertising display creates an immediate impact on those who see it. Make that first impression a positive one.

Getting the Bang for Your Marketing Buck

Saving money on displays gets you nothing if the displays deteriorate in the elements after just days. Here’s how to get the most for your marketing efforts:

  • Pick eye-catching, brief marketing messages for your outdoor displays.

  • Choose one or two images for impact.

  • Keep the message short enough to read in a few seconds.

  • Protect the display with weatherproof photo frames to keep it looking professional.

For weatherproof frames that will keep making a good impression on customers, Displays Market offers a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. They’re tough enough to ride out heavy rain, wind and more to protect your marketing investment. With drainage holes for water and durable materials, they’re perfect for keeping your display ready to entice customers.

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