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How to Utilize Promo Stands at Your Next Big Exhibition

How to Utilize Promo Stands at Your Next Big Exhibition

Having a display at an exhibition show takes time and money. You have to put in some effort to get a good return on your investment. However, it can attract quite a bit of new traffic and increase awareness of your brand if done right.

The problem is that there are usually rows and rows of booths. Potential customers can get bored very quickly if the exhibition stands are boring and do not stand out in some way. So, how can you set your exhibition apart from the rest? A compelling, creative promo stand can attract crowds to your booth. For a steady stream of traffic to your exhibition stand, check out these ideas for ways that you can use promo stands.

Build Brand Awareness

Promo stands help keep your name right in front of your market. Use your brand’s colors, logo and tag line on your promo stand to bring awareness to your brand and remind customers that you are in business and ready to help meet their needs.

Stand Out From Competitors

One of the most important things at an exhibition is to stand out from the crowd. You don’t want to blend in with others. Your booth should look like it came from a different planet than those nearby. So, use an interesting promo stand to garner attention and make your presence known. Think of a message or image that is different than the rest and add it to your promo stand. Or, you can highlight your product or service in an interesting way.

Tell a Story

People love reading interesting stories. Stories are a powerful way to connect with your customers. They touch readers and gets them to take action, according to Forbes. You can use images and words to tell a unique story about your brand or product. Storytelling also helps communicates your brand’s personality and values.

Use Humor

Humor generates conversation, according to Inc. When something is funny or humorous, people have conversations about it. They might take pictures and share to social media. So, use your promotional stand to convey a humorous message about your product or service. Put a smile on potential customers faces as they pass by your booth and they are sure to remember your company’s name in the future. Promo Stands can be used in many creative ways to help your company stand out at the next exhibition show. You can use promo stands to:

  • Attract customers with interesting graphics, stories or colors

  • Use humor to draw people to your booth

  • Build your brand’s awareness

  • Stand out from your competitors

  • Communicate your brand’s personality and values

If you are looking to choose from a large selection of promotional stands for your next exhibition or trade show, take a look at Displays Market. They offer a large selection, low price and excellent customer service.

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