5 ways to transform your exhibit interactions into on-site sales

Exhibitions are an exciting way to reach out to consumers.  With thousands of people streaming by your display on any given day, you have a world of opportunity to draw on.

But exhibitions demand some careful planning and strategy to make them count.  People seeing your booth raises brand visibility.  It’s true.  But it’s the quality interactions you have on-site that are going to change the game.  Further, translating those interactions into on-site sales cements new relationships.

They say that relationships formed under exciting circumstances (like exhibitions) endure.  That’s why we’re going to share 5 ways to transform your exhibit interactions into on-site sales.

  • Check out the competition.

??A successful exhibition presence depends on awareness of your competitors and their strategies.  Do your homework and know how they’re reaching out at exhibitions.  Ask yourself how you can make your brand and products worthy of attention while on the floor.

Do your homework.  Know what others in your sector are doing in terms of engaging people on site.

  • Offer opportunities.

While your display may have all the right bells and whistles, getting noticed isn’t enough.  Once people see you, offering them opportunities is what creates a lasting impression.
Opportunities that connect you with people passing by can take several forms.  One is offering free trials.  Another is literature, or business cards.  These invite visitors to look up your online presence.  Just add exhibition charm and the effect is a personalized experience that gets potential customers thinking you might be someone they’d like to do business with.
The call to action isn’t just for online marketing.  Soliciting action from potential customers which cements your brand and its products in their minds works the same way.

  • Social media supports.

Social media is a wealth of opportunities for networking you can’t ignore.  A teeming universe of potentiality and promise can be found there.  Ensure that your feed (whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) is brimming with news about your exhibit. Use social media to invite your followers to visit you on the floor.

Include photos and videos of interactions with exhibition attendees.  Offering a “real time” experience creates buzz online and on the floor.

  • 0 – 60 in 30 seconds.

Your on-site sales pitch shoots flames or fizzles in the first 30 seconds.  Your pitch should be rehearsed and delivered with confidence.  Making that crucial 30 seconds count is where the rubber meets the road.

  • Exhibition charm.

I enjoy working with people I don’t like (said nobody ever), so make sure that whoever’s working your exhibit has the charm and confidence to engage people.
Once you have a business card, you can add your new contact to social media platforms, or send them a personal email.   Your exhibition charm is the key to high-quality interactions which lead to on-site sales.

These are 5 ways to transform your exhibit interactions into on-site sales.  Taking the time to prepare for exhibitions makes a real difference.  Contact us to find out more about exhibition displays.

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