Airport Marketing – The Best Way to Get Noticed

Airport Marketing - The Best Way to Get Noticed

There are plenty of ways to get noticed in an airport, but most of them revolve around YouTube and an unfortunate security incident. However, this isn’t the kind of notoriety that your business needs, but you do need a steady stream of customers to keep your business running smoothly. The high levels of traffic that meander through an airport on a daily basis should guarantee excellent sales, but if no one can tell what you’re selling — then traffic can be a challenge. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of ways to grab the notice of prospects and turn them into paying customers.

Looking Down / Looking Up

Believe it or not, something as potentially boring as floor covering can have a huge impact on bored travelers. For instance, check out the Twitter presence for Portland International Airport’s carpeting: over 30,000 selfies were shared over the past few years devoted to the odd-looking pattern. This should show the engagement levels that people can have with even the most basic of designs. Message boards,floor signs and sidewalk signs are also great ways to bring people into your storefront and encourage them to engage with your products. The #PDXCarpet phenom goes to show that marketing doesn’t have to be fancy, it just has to be interesting!

Reinforcing the Message

As people wander mindlessly through an airport for hours on end, their minds can wander aimlessly just as their feet do. However, a message that’s repeated throughout the space as people get closer to your location can reinforce the idea that you’re trying to plant. Look for ways to repeat the storyline with oversized poster showboards scattered through the hallways and retractable banners scattered around the exterior of your store to draw visitors into your space. You’ll love the variety of sizes offered through — from retractable banner stands to quick banners that can be brought into your store and changed out quickly depending on your sales and special offers.

Successful Crowd Control

Have you ever noticed how quick service restaurants have large, full-color images of food posted around the exterior of the buildings? These graphics offer a huge upsell opportunity for current customers. Take advantage of every opportunity to encourage customers to upgrade their order and add value to your business. Crowd control posts and ropes, for instance, offer not only a way to keep people organized and reduce chaos but also come in a variety of shades to help reinforce your brand. Use write-on message boards set up around a turn in your crowd control posts to share your top sellers for the day or to let people know when supplies of a hot item are running low.

Telling the Story

Have a product or store that requires a little extra explanation? The good news is that you have literally miles of space within an airport to build upon a story and sell your goods or services. Ads for a massage area coming up might start over a mile away from the actual location, but spend the time in between showing how relaxing a massage would be after a long day of travel. The same is true for food stores — enticing hungry travelers with images of delectable treats that are waiting. Properly executed, an ad campaign for a specific brand can cause walkers to pass by other brands and take the few extra steps to enjoy a premium brand that will satisfy not only their physical craving, but their mental needs for comfort and enjoyment during a stressful travel period.


When you’re promoting an airport-based business, it’s important to tell your story in a creative and engaging way. Whether that’s creating a visual display such as Visa’s baggage carousel of lava or simply a well-designed display ad, catching the eye of bored and listless travelers is essential. No matter what type of airport business you’re marketing, you’re sure to find hundreds of display options online at Visit today to learn how you can drive additional sales to your airport-based business!

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