This is the Brightest Idea in Display Marketing

This is the Brightest Idea in Display Marketing

Display marketing provides the unique opportunity for your business to showcase its products, services and message for an audience who wants to hear it. The trick for a business is to stage their marketing display so that it captures the attention of that audience amid a cacophony of other visual images. The most effective way to do so can be boiled down to two words: LED lighting.

LED Lighting: More Than Just Illumination

There’s a perception that any type of lighting is sufficient when its comes to effective design. It is true that your target audience will likely still be able to see the properties and elements your display is delivering without specialized lighting such as LED light strips. However, an effective marketing display takes advantage of the visual nature of humans and uses light to do more than simply illuminate the space.

Benefits of LED Lighting

In the busy and fast-paced business world of today, theatrical lighting is likely to have the greatest impact on successfully delivering your brand’s message. A few ways that it can do so include:

  • Securing Attention and Enticing Traffic

Bright colors amid neutral ones easily capture the eyes — and attention — of the audience and entice them to come closer to your display. Once they are standing in front of you, use focused LED lights to highlight a display or product so that it pops against the surrounding visuals.

Highlighting doesn’t just mean training lighting on a particular area though. Use an LED light box to draw the audience’s eye to a brightly-colored and oversized marketing display. The skillful use of lights can direct your audience along a particular route to discover more of what you have to offer.

  • Set the Mood

It’s long been acknowledged that lighting can set a mood to create energy, warmth or drama. Colors that are soft and warm create a space that’s both relaxing and welcoming. An LED light bar with a color wash feature imbues a dynamic sense of energy. Infuse a powerful industrial feel by using bright white LED lighting.

  • Build Brand Consistency

Your business has its own brand with a logo, colors and tagline that you developed to help increase its recognition among your target audience. Using lights as a method of building your brand helps deliver the kind of consistency your audience finds recognizable and reassuring. Carrying over the same type of lighting elements throughout your marketing display helps tie them together, further solidifying your brand.

  • Layer Lighting to Your Advantage

Lighting that’s layered adds depth, permanence and ambiance. This serves to lift your display out of the depths of one-dimensionality. Layering lighting such as task lights, appropriate ambient lighting and focused accent lighting adds rich depth and removes the flatness that can sometimes envelop a marketing display. The skillful layering of light brings your brand to life in a way that’s both vibrant and permanent.


  • Lighting is more than just the illumination of your brand.

  • The proper use of LED lighting within your marketing display captures the attention of the crowd.

  • Lighting can become your brand’s message — and help deliver it as well.

  • Versatile lighting provides multiple ways to highlight, attract and entertain visitors.

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