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Chalk Art and How to Utilize it For Powerful Restaurant Marketing

Chalk Art and How to Utilize it For Powerful Restaurant Marketing

Original, fresh, and eye-catching: the stunning look of hand-drawnchalk art displays add a personalized charm to many businesses. These one-of-a-kind promotions are especially effective in restaurants where chefs constantly feature new daily specials and new menu items. How can you use chalk art to create a powerful restaurant marketing campaign?

1. Showcase your restaurant’s specials in highly visible places.

Imagine a busy walkway downtown where hundreds of hungry patrons are browsing their options for their next meal. Many are out shopping or sight-seeing and don’t have a set destination for lunch or dinner in mind. Then, behold—a beautiful wooden stopper stands outside your restaurant, decorated with vibrant chalk markers, informing people about your lunch specials. The deal’s too good to resist, so you’ve just won two customers through marketing.

In another instance, two friends are sitting at the bar. Even before the bartender hands them a drink menu, they notice a free-standing chalk board displaying some new offerings. They discover happy hour specials and seasonal mixed drinks that aren’t on the printed menu. Your restaurant has just effectively showcased special menu items in highly visible places to motivate customers to purchase limited edition beverages.

2. Your advertisements should be succinct and impactful.

An effective sign will be able to tell its story in a matter of seconds. After all, you only have 8 seconds or less to grab someone’s attention before you lose it, so you need to make the most of your marketing potential. Here are three tasks your advertisements must fulfill to make a good impression on potential customers.

  • It gets to the point- Effective displays aren’t cluttered and are easy to follow.

  • It gives necessary information- Customers like to know details upfront so they know exactly what to expect.

  • It’s attention-grabbing- Chalk art signs should be bold and draw in customers from a distance. Overall, they should be image-driven and not crammed with text. In fact, image-driven content gets 94% more views on online promotions. Why not apply this concept to the real world too?

The Main Takeaways

  • Make your displays effective by placing them in highly visible areas inside and outside your restaurant.

  • Your advertisements should grab everyone’s attention and only contain relevant information.

Start marketing with chalk art today.

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