How to Make the Most of Your Point of Sale Signage

How to Make the Most of Your Point of Sale Signage

Point of sale signage is one of the best ways to influence customer decisions. Placing this signage near ordering or register areas can be extremely useful in increasing the impact of your products or services at any critical time—right when customers are getting ready to purchase something. Research has found that compelling point of sale advertising can increase sales considerably. Not only are point of sale signs efficient and impactful, but they are cost-effective too. According to the Harvard Business Review, a 30-second advertising commercial on a major television network costs as much as $7.75 per 1,000 adults while a point of sale signage costs just 37 cents per 1,000. Used correctly, a point of sale sign can be just as effective at a much cheaper cost. To have the most impact with POS signs, try these ideas.

Be Creative

If you want customers to pay attention to your signage, then make sure that it stands out. You want people to stop to read the sign when they pass by it. So, think of ways to make it grab their attention. Forget about being subtle. Use bold graphics and images to capture attention. Think outside the box when it comes to your POS signage.

Position it Correctly

A poorly placed point of purchase sign might as well be invisible as customers won’t see it. Make sure you place the sign so that people walking past will be able to see it easily. You don’t want your customers to have to strain to see it. Also, consider lighting. Make sure that there is not a glare from the lighting.

Deliver Your Message Quickly

At the point of sale, customers are usually in a hurry to get out of the store. If it takes 10 minutes for your clients to read your sign, they won’t bother with it. Make sure that your message is delivered quickly and simply before customers move on. Stick to simple, uncomplicated fonts and text.

Make It Personal

You customers want to know how your product will make their lives better. So, ensure that your signage conveys the benefits that your service or product will offer them. You can even show images of other customers using your products or services. This helps customers visualize themselves using your products.


Here are several takeaways when it comes to the point of sale signage:

  • Make sure that it is bold and creative.

  • Your clients should be able to quickly scan it for important information.

  • It should be located in an area where customers will see it.

  • Show how your product will benefit your clients.

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