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How To Improve The Displays Marketing For Your Halloween Store

How To Improve The Displays Marketing For Your Halloween Store

Over the past 20 years, Halloween has become popular with not just kids but adults too. In the 1980s, Coors signed Elvira as a spokesperson. This lead to more adults becoming interested in the holiday and beer sales jumped close to Halloween as a result. Since then, adults are spending more and more on Halloween shopping. In fact, it is now one of the fastest-growing holidays regarding sales,reports Forbes. The National Retail Federation predicts that Halloween spending for 2017 will reach a record of more than $9 billion.

This ghoulish holiday offers the perfect opportunity for stores to generate quite a bit of income using creative Halloween marketing campaigns. Even if you are not in the business of selling party supplies or costumes, you can still boost revenues using clever marketing displays. Here are some of the best Halloween marketing ideas.

Use In-Store Signage to Highlight Halloween Products

One way to attract shoppers’ attention towards seasonal products is to use in-store signage. A nationwide survey by FedEx Office found that more than half of small business owners find in-store graphics and signs very useful in capturing customer’s attention.

Get Their Attention With a Halloween Banner

It is important to capture customer’s attention as they walk or drive by your store. If your Halloween store doesn’t operate year-round, it is especially important to find a way for customers to notice you. An excellent way to attract new business is with a Halloween banner. A Halloween banner can be placed right outside your store to entice people inside. Make sure that it is compelling and interesting.

Host Fun Halloween Events

Halloween-themed activities, such as pie baking, jack-o-lantern carving and trick-or-treating are fun and easy ways to get new customers. Most people love contests. So, you could also host a Halloween costume or pumpkin carving contest and give away free prizes to the winners. Alert passersby to your Halloween activities with a sidewalk sign or banner.

Put up a Spooky Window Display

A window display is like an advertisement for your store. It doesn’t cost much to make a window display either. So, why not spook things up a bit with a creative Halloween display? Getting into the Halloween spirit will give your store a fun feel and make shoppers want to enter. Your storefront window is also a great place to display any October specials that you offer. Use a poster clamp to display Halloween-related posters in your window. Poster clamps are ideal for window displays because they can be suspended from the ceiling or the wall.

Add a Haunted House to Your Store

You don’t have to go all out here, but adding a small Halloween house or maze can draw customers inside. Use a sidewalk sign right outside your store to let people know that you have a “free” haunted house inside.

Halloween is the perfect time to attract new customers to your store. This year, it is projected that consumer spending for the holiday will be in the billions. Here are some ideas to help you attract customers to your store around Halloween:

  • Use in-store signage to advertise October specials.

  • Get their attention with a Halloween banner.

  • Hold fun Halloween-related events for customers of all ages.

  • Decorate your storefront window for Halloween.

  • Scare them with a fun haunted house.

Signs, banners and promotional stands can all be used during October to alert customers to your events and dress up your store. For all of your displays marketing needs, visit Displays Market. We offer a huge selection and can help you find the best display or sign for your store.

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