Unlocking the layout secrets of the big retail chains

We’ve all done it.  We’ve gone shopping with a list of items we need to purchase, promising ourselves we won’t deviate from it.

Once inside one of those big retail chain stores, though, it’s a different story.  Our resolve evaporates in the face of attention-grabbing displays.  We find ourselves drifting toward them, asking ourselves if this isn’t an offer we can’t refuse.

It’s a good deal, right?

The big retail chains are masters of the “sell”.  They understand the needs of their customers and answer them.  In this post, we’re going to unlock some of the key layout secrets of the big retail chains, so you can take advantage of them in your own outlet.

A window on sales.

Window displays are a traditional means of consumer outreach and the big retailers use them to exceptional effect.   Your store windows are prime real estate.  As consumers pass by, windows that speak to them are more likely to draw them inside.  Well-planned and executed window displays create a conversation between your products and potential customers.

Less is always more.  Keeping your window display space signals value.  Clutter sends the opposite message.  Choosing a single color for your display also creates a sense of value, while sending the message that your products are thoughtfully chosen.

Slowing down for the long view.

Once shoppers have come in the front door, they want to be able to scan the interior.  If the first thing they see is an overwhelmingly large shelving unit displaying items they aren’t interested in, they’re probably going to turn around and leave.

The alternative?  An attractive, seasonal or product-specific display that commands their interest.  Without obscuring sight lines to the back of your store, this feature slows consumers down at the entrance and invites them to continue exploring.

Change is good.

You want new customers.  Every business does.  But your customer base (those who return to you again and again) needs to see something new when visiting you.  Changing your displays regularly maintains the interest of loyal customers by offering a fresh outlook.

Maintaining a display calendar with seasonal themes and planned promotions provides you with a solid framework for display planning.  It allows you to look ahead and prepare yourself, planning color themes and previewing your needs for upcoming changes.

Give them a break.

Long, unbroken aisles are a mistake made far too often in retail outlets.  Successful retailers keep their aisles shorter.  This also allows for more display opportunities at the end of the aisle, a favoured point of interest for consumers.

At DisplaysMarket.com, we offer a wide range of display supports, customizable to your needs.  We’re innovators, bringing you everything from LED signs that shine a light on your products, to brochure and leaflet holders that send your brand message professionally.

Unlocking the secrets of the big retail chains can make all the difference.  When you add professional displays, you provide clarity and consistency for your customers and create the right conditions for point of purchase success.  Contact us to find out more.

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