5 Reasons You Need to Have Your Menu Posted Outside Your Restaurant

5 Reasons You Need to Have Your Menu Posted Outside Your Restaurant

What customers see outside your restaurant is almost as important as what is inside it. The outside of your restaurant serves as a sort of billboard that conveys many messages about your restaurant. If theoutside is not interesting, customers will not bother to step inside. One of the best ways to get clients in the door is to post an intriguing menu outside your doors. An attractive menu will get passerby to stop in and see if the food is as good as it looks and sounds. Here are five other reasons that an outdoor menu display is a must.

Customers Know What to Expect

Customers want to be at a restaurant that suits them. They want it to have the right ambiance and to be up to their expectations. If a restaurant turns out to be not what the customer expects, then they are more likely to be unhappy. Unhappy customers often cost more than they spend. For one thing, they tend to leave bad reviews online, which can significantly impact future business. An outdoor menu display can help you communicate a variety of things to your customers, including:

  • What type of food you serve

  • How much they can expect to spend

  • What the ambiance is like

You Can Attract Hungry Passerby

There are several ways that you can use outdoor menu displays to tempt people passing by to come inside your restaurant.

Tempt Them With Pictures

You can use pictures of your high-end food items to entice people that are passing by your restaurant. Research suggests that food images on displays attract hungry customers into ordering whatever is in the picture. A study conducted at Iowa State University found that YMCA campers that saw a picture of salad on a digital display were 70 percent more likely to order a salad for lunch. This is compelling marketing.

Use Mouth-Watering Words

Research has shown that the right food descriptions can get people to eat. According to Cornell University, restaurants that have good food descriptions on their menu sold 30 percent more items. Therefore, use food descriptions to communication with people passing by that your food is delicious. The right words can elicit a reaction and get people to come inside.

Reduces Ordering Time

Increasing your table turnover time can help increase profits, as well. An outdoor menu display helps you improve turnover time by reducing ordering time. If customers can see what items are on your menu before they come in, the process of ordering food will be more efficient, and they won’t feel rushed.

Helps Highlight Your Brand

An outdoor menu board is an excellent way to increase branding visibility. Even if people walking by do not come in the door, they will still see the name and logo of your restaurant as they walk by your building. This can make it more likely that they will visit sometime in the future.

Low-Cost form of advertising

Advertising is the key to increasing profits. However, television, newspaper, and radio advertising are all costly. Outdoor menu boards are an economical way to advertise your restaurant. There is a one-time cost to buy the case, but after that, you won’t have any monthly or annual fees. This is the perfect way to increase your traffic while keeping costs low.

As you can see, having a menu board located outside your restaurant offers many benefits, including:

  • Increased brand visibility

  • High return on investment

  • Quicker table turnover time

  • Helps communicate your restaurant’s personality

  • Gets customers in the door

If you want to increase your profitability with outdoor menu displays, browse the extensive selection at Displays Market. They have a variety of durable, weatherproof menu displays for your restaurant.

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